Elsa Jean McTaggart

5 stars
7th August show.

With a beautiful voice and highly accomplished fiddling, Elsa sings her own original songs while accompanying herself on either her fiddle or guitar. The songs are very appealing, excellent and often personal – she gives the background to them all and it’s very interesting hearing about the stories surrounding them. There is also further excellent accompaniment and backings from her, well shall I say, accompanist? The balance was great, if a little loud overall.

Elsa has great banter with the audience too and was extremely patient handling the drunk (yes, drunk before 3pm!) and this was a lovely show.

An excellent 45 minutes of professional, talented musicians.

Review by Alan.

SpaceCabaret @ 54 (Carlton Hotel)

9th-27th August.


Sharron Matthews Superstar: Jesus Thinks I’m Funny

5 stars


7th August show.

Sharron is the only person I’ve seen who personally welcomes every audience member as they come in to their show. She is incredibly affable and sets everyone at ease, it’s almost like she’s welcoming you into her home.

This sets up an all-too-quick hour of fabulous singing and anecdotes. Sharron has a huge vocal range and covers all styles and genres, sometimes in the same phrase. Yet it’s not over-used – her voice is beautiful, honest and sometimes deeply emotional and a joy to listen to.

She has the whole audience in tears of laughter one second, then in complete silence for the next song. Absolutely delightful. Add to that the spot-on musicianship of Chris Tsujiuchi who is clearly enjoying himself on piano – this is pure entertainment at it’s best. Fabulous!

When you go, do yourself a favour and also go to see Kev Orkian who is on just before her, makes a fabulous evening.

Reviewed by Alan.

SpaceCabaret @ 54 (Carlton Hotel).

8-27th August (not 21st).



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