Super Situation

* * *
3 stars

Dressed in a bright, yellow and blue outfit, and playing the part of Extraordinary Girl, Lois Tucker as the writer of the play has taken her inspiration from the style of comic books. She is silent throughout, all the dialogue coming from a sound track of phone messages, television and radio broadcasts. There is an extensive cast list of voices and parts.

The story takes shape from the soundtrack. She is one of five super heroes protecting the world against the evil Megalomaniac Man. The action takes place in her flat and follows her daily routine in between saving the world. Even action heroes can have dull periods.

Billed as comedy theatre, there are moments of humour, particularly in her relationship with her mum, but perhaps not enough to fully engage. Nor was there any really demanding physicality or a ‘wow’ factor in the performance. Technically, in terms of the timing of the complex sound and lighting effects, the production cannot be faulted.

 If you are into the fantasies of comics and idea of the super hero, this might be your form of theatre.


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