An Evening With Psychosis

3 stars

Set on a space station, three people are measuring ‘The Norm’.  Throughout the show we have excerpts of interviews with those experiencing psychosis read out during pauses in the action. I found the use of video cameras and visual displays somewhat distracting, as I was more interested in where they were positioned than in the visuals they were or were not displaying.

Some of the stage directions were superb but some just totally confusing. I am not sure what point (if any) they were trying to get across.  The performers jumped from persona to persona with no defining alterations and I was not clear as to who I was watching when.

Despite this it was an interesting evening, if somewhat strange. If anyone can offer any explanations please contact me.



2 Responses

  1. when the performers held up the interview number / date; came downstage and spoke directly to us on their own they were playing a real interviewee which was very straight foward as you seem to get during ‘pauses in the action’ .

    rest of time the performers were a ‘spaceship crew’ though action unfolded as if inside the ‘captain’s’ disorientated mind.

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