Balloon Boutique

2 stars

Balloon Boutique is mime theatre with the characters portrayed by actors wearing masks. Naturally, balloons as props form an integral part of the action. All manner of ingenious ways are employed, with a particularly innovative final scene.

The story begins with an elderly couple. The old woman is transformed back to her youth. She meets and marries her husband. The taped musical accompaniment is of rock and roll songs of the late 1950’s. Parts of the story of the couple’s life together work well but others are less convincing. The music and some of the action do become repetitive.

Children in the audience did appear engrossed but adults perhaps less so.


2 Responses

  1. This was the only show we have walked out of so far this year……The whole audience except for 2 little girls up the front looked totally bored…..42 minutes I will never get back….

  2. I’m not sure we were watching the same show! There were some visually beautiful moments in balloon boutique. I loved it. This is what the fringe is all about! clever storytelling without the use of a single word. It reminded me of an old Trestle theatre show from the 80’s. Maybe if you stayed you would have enjoyed it.

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