Cool Cutz

3 stars

Welcome to Cool Cutz, a Beauty salon.  The staff of this establishment are some of the most dysfunctional characters you could ever hope to meet.

There’s Maggie, the new boss, who dreamed of such a position; Suzie, the chatty mother of two who plays by the rules; Verity, the salon agony aunt with a secret, and Monica, the salon, I hesitate to use the term slag, but she’s close, who all go about their duties and relate their interlinking stories.

This is a new play, I’m afraid I don’t know by whom as there was no information about this or the actors available, but it definitely owes much to the style of John Godber, with the four performers multi-rolling as customers, schoolgirls, ‘lads’ as the story develops to its conclusion.

Add to the mix a few song and dance numbers, and given the tight space this was well achieved, and that’s the essence.

The actors perform well with their roles.  I felt it was directed well and made the most of a difficult working space, but felt the script didn’t really know if it wanted to be a comedy or a musical.

For me it was an okay show. I’m sure I’ll see far worse productions this Fringe, it didn’t however make me want to dash and see it again.


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