Danielle Ward – Lies

4 stars

Danielle Ward claims to be a very bad liar, but should we believe her?  That is the opening statement of her latest Fringe offering. Ms Ward then tries out a whole series of statements and collectively we the audience have to decide if she is telling the truth or is she in fact a more accomplished liar than she claims.

This, as an ice-breaker with show tie-ins, was an excellent way of collecting her audience together and setting them on the paths she wished to talk about.

There were plenty of personal anecdotes and stories from her early life, with her first remembered lie, dating lies and university lies, as well as some of the more obvious liars such as John Darwin, the canoe man, and a certain recently deceased pop star. There was material about online dating as well, all with the lies link.

Interrupting these stories Ms Ward had a few attempts at auditioning, playing three distinctive roles taking and making phone calls. Although well portrayed, I felt they added little to what was a funny, well written and performed set.

This was the first time I had seen Danielle on stage, although other members of our team have seen previous shows, and I found her a very good comic and one that I look forward to seeing again.


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