Spirit of the Fringe

3 stars

There are a growing number of showcase shows where acts turn up to do their hosts a favour by guesting on their show. Everyone knows that they are only there to plug their own show, so Comic Angels have cut to the chase and made this a blatantly plug your show concept, but to us the punters it’s still a great value for money, especially as this is part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe.

MC for the show and Comic Angel herself, Sajeela Kershi set the parameters, gave us a a few laughs and introduced the 3 acts for the night – and tried to keep quiet two drunken women on the front row who seemed determined to dominate the proceedings. Hey Ho such is life!!

The line up changes every day so it is a show that can be seen again and again and it does give a chance to sample a few of the many and varied acts that are available throughout the city during August.

There is also a chance for acts to do only a minute as a blatant plug as well as a disembodied spirit giving recommendations and dishing gossip occasionally.

Free entry was already mentioned, but at the end of the gig a bucket is around for whatever you can afford as a donation, after all the acts do have to eat don’t they.

I for one will certainly visit again and why don’t you too.


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