Isma Almas Bombs

3 stars

I first saw Isma Almas  a few months ago when she was doing a slot at the Stand Comedy Club and thoroughly enjoyed her set, so keen to see more I joined a group of many in the bijou Stand IV.

Isma must be getting a name as she is one of the few comedians who boast a warn up act, in her case Mrs Hussain, a burka clad lady doing the ice breaking and a few gags before introducing Almas.

In what is a show that is partly biographical and partly her opinions Isma extracts humour from her culture, her family, her chosen life style and to a degree her religion.

Ms Almas is not an in-your-face  type of comic, she has a pleasing style of delivery and it is almost like she is chatting with friends in the pub, however she also is excellent with her material and timing.

So if you are looking for a lady with an undoubted future in stand-up and you are at a loose end during the afternoon then this could well be the show for you.



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