Jason John Whitehead: Emotional Whitemale

4 stars

I have seen Jason John Whitehead a number of times during the Fringe and always in a late evening slot, so I was intrigued to see how a late afternoon gig would suit his style.

Opening with a short video shot silent movie style with superheroes, villains and even a damsel in distress, in walked Jason John and the hilarity began.

He is always a funny guy, and inevitably has something different to say, occasionally controversial, but always with a comic edge. He has a wide range of subjects in this year’s offering, and as with previous years it is always up to par. Michael Jackson, relationships, getting older, kids behaviour, drugs in athletics and casual sex are just a few of many that get the JJW treatment.

I always feel it is the sign of a good comedian when they are beginning to close and it feels they have been only on ten minutes.  The show I saw had this factor.  I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter the time of day, funny is funny and Jason John Whitehead certainly is that.

So for that difficult to pick four PM slot, then why not check this show out. You know it makes sense.



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