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5 stars

StoppedClock are fast becoming one of our favourite theatre groups and this is the third production we have seen so far and the third one packed with quality.

This is a bitter-sweet tale of two sisters Anna (played by Hayley Doyle) and Amy (Sian Polhill Thomas) who get romantically involved with flat mates Sam (Chris Grahamson) a fun filled student and University administrator Paul (David Beck).

The play, written and directed by Stuart Price, jumps backwards and forwards in time, gradually unraveling this tale on laughter and joy, sadness and regret as things move through the burgeoning relationships.

This is a quality production, a well written play with plenty of laugh out loud moments interspersed with plenty of sadness too, ably directed and with a talented, enthusiastic cast who breathed life into their characters to make them totally believable. The basic set of one settee is more than adequate for all the action and there is plenty of that too.

This is a production that should not be missed. Make a bee-line to C box office and get your ticket now, you will not be disappointed I’m certain.



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