Unit 46

* * * *
4 stars

Fresh from successful productions in Sydney and Adelaide, this is a poignant yet funny insight to the world of neighbours who don’t communicate living in Units, or apartments, in Australia.  

Since being recently fired over a trivial reason, Unit 46 occupant Tim (played by Leof Kingston-Smit) dislikes everything it seems and spends his time reading old letters and avoiding contact with Diane (Lucy Miller) a 36 year old teacher.  Both couples have failed marriages. 

The story by Mike Barnes is a great insight into the lives of bickering neighbours, and however dysfunctional they both are respectively, it makes compulsive viewing as scene by scene the character flaws are revealed by the bucket load.

The show is almost like a fly on the wall documentary into their lives and as their stories progress, one seems to be drawn to an unlikely conclusion… or are we!

This production has one of the most comprehensive sets I have seen on the Fringe this year and it is well used by the direction of Andrew Doyle.

So if you are looking for an early evening piece of theatre that is compelling yet funny then this could well be the one four you.



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