Words With AL Kennedy

* * * *
4 stars

I must admit it is with some trepidation I set out to write this review using ‘words’!  The thoughts are – ‘will I misuse them?’  ‘Will I upset them?’  ‘Will I damage them and in my misuse harm or corrupt?’  ‘Will I upset AL?’

Her Fringe show 2009 is about her love affair with, and addiction to, words. Both the written and spoken. From her very first ever word ‘no’ which she was able to utilise with great effect in her youth and still serves her well till this present day.  This great appreciation for words and their usage is brought to us in an almost pictorial manner by this talented performer and award-winning author.

We may use words all the time but how often do we actually think about them and their power.  AL Kennedy is a joy to both watch perform and listen to.  She also makes you think about the words!



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