A Stroke of Genius

* * * *
4 stars

A drama having genetics and obsession as the central themes is an interesting combination. The central character is Dora Blake, an eccentric and seemingly harmless librarian, played brilliantly by Leah Milner. She is ably supported by the other members of the cast, Simon Perkins, Phil McDonnell, Ed Cobbold and Fiona Boylan. The performance actually begins with a humorous warm up by Dora as the audience is waiting to enter the auditorium – badges distributed!

During the play the humour lessens as a dark side appears in Dora’s personality. She is determined to have a child from the sperm of a man of superior intellect by artificial means. As the story unfolds, she achieves her purpose but at what cost to those who might stand in her way? 

The play incorporates projected animation, puppetry and a musical background to good effect. Ingenious use is made of a bookcase on wheels which almost takes on a life of its own. The combination of humorous and chilling situations is an absorbing blend.



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