Peter Duncan’s Daft & Dangerous

* * * * *
5 stars

Probably best known to several generations as a Blue Peter presenter, Peter Duncan takes the opportunity of this Fringe to tell those who will listen more about his life. I saw him in Blue Peter and various other TV shows, on stage in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and in “that film”!

I was curious to see how he would present his life and more so about the audience participation.

One of the few remaining performers who can claim they were actually virtually born in a trunk to a performing family. First in the limelight semi-naked on the front of baby knitting patterns, going through his stage performances. hi time in films, his TV work and rerun to the stage. With the use of stage tricks. props, costume, makeup, audio visual, live music and the aid of his MD and stage manager. Each little section was talked about then demonstrated with the use of the stage dressing seemingly littered around the stage and volunteers.

The audience on this night varied from 5 years up. When asked for their scoring Andrew aged 10 gave the show four. Stuart aged 5 gave it five.


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