Tap & Chat With Lionel Blair

* * * *
4 stars

Lionel Blair has performed in almost every genre possible except perhaps stand-up comedy. Despite having been in the business for over 60 years this is Mr Blair’s first Fringe, which he celebrates by doing two very different shows ‘Tap and Chat with Lionel Blair’ and the contrasting play ‘The School for Scandal’.

Tap and Chat is exactly what it says. Lionel performs some tap routines starting with ‘That old Soft Shoe’ he then chats about his career and his back catalogue is like a whose who of world wide performers from stage and screen. These notaries include Yule Bryner, Liza Mineli, Roger Moore, Roy Castle etc etc and the list goes on. The one person he talked about I would love to have met was the late great Sammy Davis Jr with whom Lionel appeared on the 1961 Royal Variety Performance, to my delight they actually showed this footage.

 I am sure each show is different as only about the first half hour seems set, the rest of the time is dependent on audience questions. He even invited one very lucky lady to dance at the end of the show. For those of us who have seen him on the stage or on TV this is an excellent chance to get almost up close and personal with the man. For youngsters it is an opportunity to see a master at work.

This is a very leisurely and enjoyable way to spend an hour but try and see his other show The School for Scandal to see the master at work.



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