Alistair Barrie – Happiness

* * * *
4 stars

I hadn’t seen Alistair Barrie until earlier this year when he played at the Stand Comedy Club and just blew me away, so I was delighted to see he was back at the Fringe again this year and doing a full hour of his stuff at The Tron.

He took to his stage with confidence and as all good stand-ups do swiftly established a rapport with the audience, chatting to various nationalities, gently taking the mickey and making friends,

Barrie is half Scottish half English, but has a definitely middle class accent, something, one of the many, he is self-deprecating about. He has a wide range of extremely well thought-out, well written and delivered material which is genuinely funny as well. He certainly does not rely on knob gags!!

I am not going to give anything away, but two of his stories, one about the results of jogging, and the other about the Guilford festival, well they are worth the admission money on their own.

Do go and see this exceptionally funny comedy maestro for three reasons.

1)      He is very good indeed

2)    He is part of the £5 Fringe so not expensive

3)    The venue has air conditioning so it is a genuinely pleasant atmosphere too



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