Flanders & Swann: A Brand Gnew Aftergnoon

* * * *
4 stars

Once again I allowed the genteel side of me to appear as I spent time in the company of Flanders and Swann with their new show ‘A Brand Gnew AfterGnoon’.  Tim FitzHigham as Flanders and Alex Silverman as Swann put on a ‘Spiffing Show’ – their words not mine.

Actually I love this show as Tim and Alex keep coming out with classic F & S, new material and adaptations. It is also one of these shows you just sit back enjoy being entertained and join in the hilarity occasionally.

So come on don’t wait for ‘the Gasman’ to call and don’t be a stick in the mud but get on a slow train or an omnibus and enjoy ‘A Brand Gnew AfterGnoon’.


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