Geraldine Quinn: Hex and the City

* * *
3 stars

Australian redhead Geraldine Quinn is a performer I have seen for a few years now, with the exception of last year.  When I saw she was back in town this year I wanted to witness her 2009 show.

Ms Quinn, strangely dressed in a tutu and a leather biker’s jacket, hit the stage and launched into her own style of comedy linked with her songs, all of which was delivered with style.  This lady has a voice that is nothing less than magnificent and is a mean guitar player also.

The underlying theme is that ‘they’ are out to get her just because she is a redhead, she is over thirty and does not have children and a series of slightly surreal sections ensue.

I do like Geraldine as a performer, and loved her songs, it was just a little surreal at times for my palate.   However it could just be me, she went down well with her crowd the night I attended. Why not give her a try?



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