Paul Zerdin: Sponge Fest

* * * * *
5 stars

I do quite like a good ventriloquist and boy is Paul Zerdin a good ventriloquist. During his show he introduces us to Sam, Albert and Baby. Sam is Paul’s main friend and boy is he naughty, picking on Paul’s audience and trying to chat-up one of the ladies. Albert is Sam’s granddad, now we know who Sam’s role model is. Finally cute but evil Baby, lulling you in to a false sense of security Baby finally shows his true self, demanding to be fed!!!

Actually it was easy to see Paul’s mouth doesn’t move whilst he is performing, well actually after I got over just how gorgeous he is I watched his mouth very closely. It is almost a shame he shares the stage with those distracting puppets.

Well honestly this is a brilliant show and Paul is a master of his art his interaction with his audience is occasionally a little risqué but it is all part of the fun. He is the UK’s top ventriloquist and it is easy to see why.



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