Pippa Evans: Your Evening’s Entertainment

* * * *
4 stars

Pippa Evans is an extremely talented lady and it has been my pleasure to see her over the last few years and witness her speedy development into what is one of the most versatile comedy performers around today.

Ms Evans, who was unlucky not to pick up Best Newcomer Award at last years if.comedy awards, greets us at the door handing out bingo cards, yes really, then morphs into Julie Mansize, a Northern club singer as she entertains us with a couple of numbers from her late husband and her act, all accompanied by her son Barry on keyboards.

During the next hour Pippa introduces another few characters from the club into the mix, each one played by herself with style and mucho comedy integrated.

The packed out audience were transported by her throughout to wherever her creations led and all were only too happy to be along for the ride and you get to play bingo too.

There are not too many female character comedians around at present, not with her quality certainly, and I look forward to seeing further stages of her development over the next year or two.

So grab your chance to see her while you can and beat a path to the box-office now.



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