Celebrity Autobiography

4 stars


This show promises to tell us about celebrities in their own words, although I doubt the celebrities in question ever thought that their words could be used against them to such devastatingly hilarious effect.

The premise is simple – each performer reads out a section of a celebrity’s autobiography.  We hear from such luminaries as David Cassidy (read by Michael Urie), Mr T (read by Tiffany Stevenson), Diana Ross (read by Dale Rehfeld) and David Hasselhoff (read by George Wendt).  Taken out of time and out of context each celebrity’s ego is fully exposed, and their narcissistic concerns laid open to ridicule.  The trick lies in the way each passage is conveyed and the performers deliver each line to perfection, using inflections and gestures to fully milk the laughs from the audience.

A particular highlight was James Lance and Bridget Christie’s juxtaposition of autobiographies written by the literary giants that are Katie Price and Peter Andre.  Andre’s rose-tinted view of his marriage is played perfectly against Price’s coarser guide to bodycare.  What helps the show is obviously the way in which many of the celebrities in question are viewed in light of the tabloid headlines they have generated.  Tiger Woods’ words use of the word ‘putting’ in his autobiography becomes a wonderful euphemism due to the worldwide coverage of his recent dalliances.

This is a delightful show which should serve as a warning to all celebrities thinking about putting pen to paper.  Watch what you write, it may come back to haunt you.

Reviewed by Di

Venue – E4 Cow Barn

19.25 – 20.25


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