Frisky and Mannish: The College Years

5 Stars


Oh Frisky.  Oh Mannish.  Oh Frisky and Mannish.  Undoubtedly my personal highlight of Fringe 2009, I couldn’t grab a ticket fast enough for this follow up to the barnstorming, roof raising spectacle that was ‘School of Pop’.  And let me assure you, ticket grabbing is an absolute must.  This show is yet another triumph for the delightful duo.

‘Frisky and Mannish: The College Years’ takes their pop playfulness up a notch, introducing us to collision theory, where duets are performed by battling divas, grammatical inaccuracies in popular hits are taken to task and musical genres are twisted beautifully.   There’s a wonderful interaction between the pair as they cheerfully mock the critics, the audience and themselves. The pace is non-stop and the performances are slick, sexy and sparkling.

What I particularly admire about Frisky and Mannish is their dedication to the deconstruction of pop music, adding layers to what many view as lightweight and throwaway.  These are performers who demand their audience hold a vast knowledge of the genre, as they veer from album tracks by Florence and the Machine to the early 90s genius that was Paula Abdul’s pairing with MC Skat Kat.

it’s fair to say that I’m now a bit of a fan, but it’s hard to attend this show and not become one.  Therefore I insist that you do.  Immediately!

Reviewed by Di

Venue – Underbelly, Belly Dancer

21.00 – 22.00


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  1. See Frisky and Mannish (again?) at the Corn Exchange Wallingford on 4th December 2010.

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