Lewis Schaffer Free Until Famous

*** 3 Stars

For the last two Fringes I have been advised, cajoled, bullied and very nearly bribed to go and see the New York City born comedian, but due to one reason or another I never made it. That is until this year.

As part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival, Schaffer is performing in a teatime slot, the reason? He’ll tell you when you go.

Although he was ‘competing’ with a rather loud rock group playing outside his venue, he was not thrown by this, in fact he made use of it and integrated it into his performance.

He is a compelling comedian and can certainly unite the room with his stuff, sometimes leading you down a road you may think you don’t want to go down, when suddenly there was a real twist and at once we were in a far better place.

His material is varied and funny, often self deprecating, and he involves rather than picks on his crowd, some of which are fans that keep on going to see him. For those of us who have not seen him before, he briefly outlines his previous two shows and judging from what I heard it was definitely me who missed out in not attending, especially when I had the opportunity too.

One thing for sure, he will be high on my list for future ventures.

As it says on the box entry is free, but these guys need to eat, so a bucket for donations is on the door at the end for you to pay what you think it was worth. Don’t worry, he doesn’t mind if you fold your contributions.

Reviewed by Geoff


The Counting House V 170

5 – 29 August

17-30 to 18-30

Page 64


2 Responses

  1. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for doing the really important job of reviewing for all of us who are performing. Just one little correction – Laughing Horse is not the Free Fringe. It’s the Laughing Horse Free Festival. The Free Fringe is PBH’s Free Fringe. We’re an entirely volunteer-run organisation, whereas Laughing Horse chargest its performers a fee for their venues. I’d be really grateful if you could modify your blog accordingly.
    Many thanks, and best wishes,
    Mark Speed (mark.speed@freefringe.org.uk)
    pp PBH’s Free Fringe

  2. Thanks Mark,
    As you’ll see we’ve updated the entry accordingly.

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