The Friendship Experiment

Four Stars


If there were a scale akin to the earthquake Richter scale for measuring performance intensity, Tim and Matt of Big Wow Theatre would be at the maximum rating. They expend an incredible amount of energy from start to finish whether in their multi character rants or in the more reflective emotional scenes.

The format of the show is to perform, apparently, improvised theatre around the theme of the friendship of two supposed mates, Steve (Tim) and Geoff (Matt). The problem is that they find great difficulty in agreeing how to play each scene whether it is a phone conversation or in a pub or out on a stag night. It starts to become personal and there is a blurring between their characters and their real identities. There are moments of belly laugh hilarity, but moments of tension when their feuding leads to real antagonism.

The action is continuous without any fade outs to catch their breath. Given the physical nature of the performance, the precise timing of the dialogue is simply amazing. I could not detect one missed cue. After their successes in previous years, Tim and Matt are now establishing themselves as Fringe favourites.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number – Underbelly Cowgate; V61

Dates – 5 to 29 August 2010 (not 17)

Times – 15.05 to 16.15

Fringe Programme Page Number: 254


2 Responses

  1. Think I would have pushed this to 5 stars. Attended the show having been ‘fliered’ and truly laughed out loud – again and again and again. If you haven’t seen it get a ticket and go!

  2. I WOULD give this 5 stars. Thoroughly entertaining. Tim and Matt are two of the best performers to be found ANYwhere on the fringe. Big Wow’s shows are ALWAYS entertaining, theatrically imaginative, with sparkling dialogue. There’s a fantastic chemistry bedtween the performers, never more evident (or relevant) than during this year’s show. It’s a MUST SEE SHOW!

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