Ava Vidal Lessons: I Should Have Learned


4 Stars

 I first became aware of Ava Vidal, was it really 2004, and saw her Fringe show in 2005 following her TV performance in C4’s Kings of Comedy, and have watched her progress with great interest.

Her media exposure on the likes of Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow and on Brighton Fringe Comedy Hour will certainly not have done her profile any harm.

Ms Vidal is never afraid to tackle, shall we say issues, in her performances and as a single black mother with two kids is used to being judged. Thus, when she elected to talk about her recent life, in particular a HIV test, a relationship break-up and Israel and South Africa you can see she doesn’t play it safe.

She had a sell out for the show I attended and I’m sure it will not be the last. A few techy problems slightly delayed the start of her show and although slightly upset by these I feel she didn’t let it affect her performance. She was confident in her material, has stage presence  magnificent comic timing and although often self-deprecating, usually hits home with a killer punch line with some VT to entertain as well, the hour passed all too soon for most.

I, amongst many others, certainly a large number of the people who saw her show with me, I’m sure are already looking forward to seeing much more of her be it either on stage or TV, so grab you opportunity now.

Reviewed by Geoff


Stand IV Venue 12

5th to 29th August

15-20 to 16-20

Fringe Programme P 30


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