Tom Craine – Choirboy to Addict & Back Again


3 Stars

This is Tom Craine’s second solo show at the Fringe and having seen his debut last year, I can confirm that 12 months have definitely produced a more accomplished and confident performer in this young comic. This second hour from Craine deals with his childhood as the lead chorister of Bath Abbey Choir (including a solo on the 1990 Songs of Praise Christmas Special no less), to his issues during his university years and, as the title suggests, the current place singing now takes in his life.

No-one would suggest that this is edgy, or challenging comedy (although a few lines do reveal that perhaps Craine has some darker material lurking within), but the virtually sold out audience in the small, and unsurprisingly hot Pleasance Hut, clearly found Craine’s amiable character and easy rapport endearing, with plenty of chuckles, giggles and some genuine laugh out loud moments.

Tom Craine now presents his own show on Radio Bristol, and if the difference between his 2009 and this year’s shows are anything to go by,  this has contributed to his confidence and performance which are going from strength to strength. However, I can’t see that there is much more mileage from material based on his sheltered childhood as a talented young chorister (last year’s show also covered similar material), so perhaps he will have to look elsewhere. I’ll certainly be interested to see what he comes up with for next year’s Fringe.

Tom Craine is definitely a name to keep an eye on.  


4th – 30th (not 11th, 18th)

Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Hut



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  1. […] After the show we had some more time to kill, so another coffee stop was on the cards before Sarah and I split up to see our only separate shows of the weekend. I was eager to see Stewart Lee, not having had the chance before (a shocking error on my part) and Sarah had already booked to see him the following day when I’d be back in Manchester. So Sarah went to see Tom Craine instead. You can catch her review of Tom’s show […]

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