Circus Burlesque


4 Stars

I have to confess that prior to this show I was a burlesque virgin, but having seen a brief snippet at the Assembly press launch I decided to check out the full show.

I obviously therefore have no reference point to judge these ladies against other burlesque artistes, so I will speak as I found.

The show is themed on the Seven Deadly sins and each is interpreted by a selection of burlesque routine, songs and circus routines, and the opening number had the audience lured into the circus by Dark Angel before passing them on the Ringmaster Tempest Rose, who explained the format and did all introductions and even sang a couple of songs

The other ladies in the troupe, Betsy Rose, Ruby Wild, Dani California Lily Lucious and Lola LaBelle all added their skills and art to the spectacle.

The audience were all requested to ooh and aah, clap and cheer throughout, generally to get involved with the spectacle. And most were more than keen to do so, especially a trio of Belgian lads who couldn’t get close enough to the action.

So having lost my burlesque virginity, what are my thoughts? It was an entertaining performance throughout, and I did enjoy it, but would I go again? Just maybe. The aficionados there however were more than content with the performance so I’ll let those I spoke to rate it and they gave it 4 stars.


Reviewed by Geoff

 Assembly Supper Room V 3

5 to 30 August

21-20 to 22-20

Fringe Brochure P 45


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