Comedy Countdown

4 stars


How best to describe the Comedy Countdown?  I think ‘ramshackle’ probably just about covers it.  If you’re familiar with the format of Channel 4’s ‘Countdown’ then you’re probably one up on some of the comedians involved in this late night version of the well-known show.  But don’t take this as a negative criticism, in the hands of these professionals ‘ramshackle’ becomes delightfully entertaining.

On the evening I attended the hosting duties were taken on by Toby Williams, who seemed to be more concerned about getting his next Guiness from the bar rather than which order we progressed through the rounds.  Contestants Stuart Goldsmith and Sarah Millican battled it out, whilst dictionary corner was manned by Marcel Lucont and James Sherwood.  Whilst Goldsmith and Millican provided good natured banter, the real stars of the night were Lucont and Sherwood as they dryly played up their wonderfully antagonistic relationship.

This is a show that required all involved to think on their feet, and in doing so showed off their skill in drawing laughter from the most unlikely of places.  Aficionados of the show proper might tut at the rule breaking that runs rampant, but the rest of us will be chortling (an appropriate nine letter word) the night away.

Reviewed by Di

Venue – Gilded Balloon, Wine Bar

00.15 – 01.15

16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th August


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