Jason Cook :- The End (Part 1)


5 Stars

 Genial Geordie Jason Cook has been around the Fringe for a number of years but it was the first opportunity I got to see his Fringe show, as the review ticket was always the property of Sheila. So now I had my chance I grabbed it and understood totally why she was unwilling to pass it up. Jason Cook is certainly a comic everyone should see. He has talent, and funny material to burn and packs more into his shows than some others may use in two.

The basis of the show centres around an event that occurred in his life on 20th December last year, when he thought it was the end, for him anyway.

Cook is a natural raconteur and can keep his audience spellbound throughout the entire hour, an hour that is illustrated both with computer based slides and a whole raft of funny gags, stories and audience interaction.

Jason talks rather quickly, he has to, to get the amount of stuff into his hour, but even with his Geordie accent he is easy to listen to. It seemed to me he been entertaining us for about 20 minutes when he was forced to wind it up due to time constraints.

He is blessed with an exceptional talent, one he desires to share with everyone, and is such a nice guy to boot, his stardom should be assured. This could be your chance to see him before this fully kicks in, Be certain you will be like his German audience member from last year who pronounces himself ‘satisfied’ with Cook’s performance, and returned again for this years version.


Stand III V 12

5 to 29 August

15-00 to 16-00

Fringe Brochure P 76


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