Laura Solon: The Owl of Steven



 When Laura Solon won the Perrier Award a few years ago, she appeared from nowhere as far as I was concerned and so when I saw she was returning this year made a point of seeing what she was all about.

The sold out house was packed into Pleasance Above in anticipation as Laura walked onto the stage to explain the concept of her show, had a little interaction with the audience and then for the next hour related, and voiced all the characters that appeared in this slightly surreal, but well written and performed story.

Her characterisation as voice of nearly twenty ‘people’ was spot on, one could picture these people in one’s mind easily, and there was enough funny material to keep the crowd rapt on her every word.

There are not too many like Ms Solon around, and I suppose it is an acquired taste for some, but her talent is obvious and I look forward to seeing her again in the near future.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Above Venue 33

4-29 August

17-00 to 18-00

Fringe Programme Page 87


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