Sarah Bennetto: The King And I

4 stars


I first encountered Sarah Bennetto when I reviewed The Storytellers’ Club a couple of years back.  I enjoyed that show very much indeed and found Bennetto herself an endearing and engaging performer, qualities which were very much in evidence in this, her one-woman show.

The show is framed around Bennetto’s invitation to attend a party thrown by HRH Prince Charles at Clarence House.  She has no idea why she’s been invited to attend; it can’t be anything to do with her thankless job as a host on the cable TV channel ‘The Soundtrack Channel’ can it?  She ends up running late, dressed in polyester and displaying a nice line in plastic accessories.

This is a gentle glimpse into the rather bizarre situation Bennetto finds herself in and she tells it with confidence and warmth.  13.30 is a tricky timeslot for stand-up and the show I attended had a rather sparse audience, which was a real pity.  There’s no doubt that she deserves bigger numbers as she has a genuine knack for telling a story, and telling it well.  A nice way to start an afternoon’s Fringe viewing.

Reviewed by Di

Venue – Pleasance Dome, 10 Dome

13.30 – 14.30


One Response

  1. I fully agree that Sarah Bennetto’s show is great and well worth a full price ticket. A really good story – very well told.

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