A Solitary Choice



It has been a given over the last twelve years that we at one4review have been reviewing, that anything that is under the Theatre Tours International or Guy Masterson Productions banner is always going to be a well produced, rehearsed and a quality theatrical piece, because if it wasn’t then these companies would not be involved.

A Solitary Choice is one of four full productions on offer this year and although it is about ten years old is not dated in any way. Author Sheila Duncan  has written this one woman show, and the performer Tamara Lee portrays Ruth, a bank worker, wife to Christopher and mother to James seemingly a normal woman but why does she visit a fictional aunt every few months?

Seduction by Aztec flutes leads to her to meet with Carlos and what consequences follow. Issues at work, real estate agent Stella, does she stay with Christopher, should she have invested in Dot Com sites are all questions that Ruth has to make a choice over. A solitary choice. And who is the black-eyed girl?

This is an intriguing play that is well performed by Ms Lee under the direction of Michael Allen. The simple but effective set complements the production as one would expect.

Although fairly early in the run this play was well attended and I’m sure all would have been impressed as I was.

Reviewed by Geoff


Assembly Rooms V 3

12-45 to 13-45

5 to 30 August

Fringe Brochure P289


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