Jim Jeffries: Alcoholocaust



It doesn’t seem so long ago that I first saw Jim Jeffries performing in one of the smaller spaces at the Pleasance, but I suppose it was a few years ago. Every year after, he has moved to a bigger room, and still that is not enough to satisfy the demand for this self styled offensive Aussie.

JJ is based in LA these days, having great designs to being in movies.  He has already achieved far more than he expected to in comedy – sell out show,s international TV appearances, he’s just recorded his second DVD and is now selling out the massive McEwan Halls, over a thousand seater, for virtually every day of the festival.

JJ has a huge number of hard core fans who turn up religiously year after year, and if you get hooked on the chap, well then you need your fix. I must hold my hand up to being a fan, okay occasionally he maybe pushes the boundaries a little, but what the hell.

This show is well put together, jam packed with good strong material and he seems to be enjoying himself, which is always a good sign, as the show’s better when he does.

Jeffries is the first to admit he is not for everyone, and if you are likely to be offended by misogyny, sexual references, strong language then maybe choose something else, if not, buy a ticket and enjoy a real comedy superstar.


Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly Pasture McEwan Hall V 300

4 to 30 August

22-30 to 23-30

Fringe Brochure P78


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