Lady Carol: Malady


5 Stars

It is not very often that this wizened reviewer gets blown away by a musician at first hearing. I usually find the attraction grows over a period of time, but last year I was with the Fringe show delivered by Lady Carol.

She is a stunningly attractive blonde, perched on a stool with only her trusty ukulele for company and blessed with a voice that is unique and amazing. I wanted more, I wanted a CD.

I’m pleased to say she’s back, but only for a short season, accompanied on piano and backing vocals by the lovely Kirsty Newton.  I am pleased to say she is in fine voice again and the hour spent in her company is the quickest of the week. She can handle all styles of music and turn it into her own.  Minnie the Moocher, Kate Bush, even Radiohead are given Malady’s treatment and to me she is even better than the originals. And she writes her own material to boot!

During the past year she has extensively toured the world, never anywhere for long, hence her short stay at The Fringe, but if you can, do yourself a favour, check her out today. And be prepared to be blown away as I was. And this year she does have a CD you can buy to enjoy the experience forever.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly V 3

9 to 15 August

20-00 to 21-00

Fringe Brochure P 190

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