Nathan Caton: Breakfast at Stephanie’s


4 Stars

I saw Nathan Caton perform his first Edinburgh show last year and was impressed with the comic ability, stage presence and material that this well educated Londoner of Caribbean stock delivered so was keen to see how the difficult second show held up.

I need not have worried. Caton has as strong a show this year as he had last and this qualified architect certainly doesn’t need to go back to the drawing board if he can maintain this standard.

In some respects this is a follow on show from last years. His hard working family do not approve of his career choice and in order to convince them Nathan ran the show back home, invited his family to prove to them that he was right to pursue his goal.

What happened upto and post this even is the basis of the plot as he proves to us that he is a very good and funny comedian.

The material is wider based than just that though, he opines on a number of subjects, has some good non-threatening banter with the audience and generally elicits laughs with all that he offers. His style is non abrasive, often self-depricating and he comes across a genuine person, and I’m sure his physique and looks will not be lost on the young women in the crowd.

Caton is surely here to stay. I’m already looking forward to his next offering.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beneath V 33

4 – 30 August

21-30 to 22-30


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