Sarah Millican – Chatterbox

5 Stars

Delightful Geordie Sarah Millican returns to the Fringe for another sell out year, this time in the main space at The Stand. The show isn’t really about anything in particular, Sarah explains she chose the title Chatterbox because it’s the only thing she was told off for at school.

Discussing everything from how she tries to relax after coming in from gigs late at night, to giving blood (Sarah is probably spot on with her comment that would be a lot more donors if the advertising campaigns focused on the opportunity for a sit down and the availability of tea and biscuits than the altruistic notion of saving an unknown life), being stranded in Australia by the volcanic ash cloud, and her boyfriend’s inability to follow simple present buying instructions.

Sarah is charming in spades and creates a delightful friendly atmosphere, really making the audience feel like they are included in the show, and all this only serves to make the dirty jokes and filthy language that come out of her mouth in her unmistakeable Geordie accent all the funnier.

I couldn’t ask for anything more from a show than a whole hour of tummy hurting laughs and that’s exactly what Sarah provides. We’ve seen a lot more of Millican on our TV screens this year and I can’t help but think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this talented lady in the future.

Reviewed by Sarah

The Stand – Stand 1

20:20 – 21:20


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