Addy Van der Borgh: Advanced Mumbo Jumbo



Other than a ten minute slot a few years ago on ‘a best of format gig this was the first time I had seen me Van Der Borgh perform.

Welcomed into the compact space by him playing a mean blues style harmonica, the comic starts the opening segment about a strange experience with a harmonica teacher and we were off and running. This comedian has a very expressive face and some of his contortions were at times as funny as his material.

With the theme of Advanced Mumbo Jumbo he spends the majority of his set relating examples he has uncovered, Estate Agents, sofa salesmen prams, and Facebook are some of the examples he cites as using mumbo jumbo in their everyday operations.

He has a interesting segment on town twinning at the start and a very convincing call-back to this to end the set. I did enjoy his material, I think given a livelier audience to feed off, he would have enjoyed the gig more and hence so would the crowd.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand II

5 to 29 August

17-25 to 18-25

Fringe Brochure P 22


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