Colin Hoult: Enemy of the World

5 stars


As a site I don’t think we’ve ever reviewed Hoult before.  Looking back through the archives we missed out on last year’s Carnival of Monsters, and there’s no mention of Colin and Fergus.  That’s definitely about to change.

Hoult’s show is one of the most creative and unique shows I’ve seen this Fringe.  It’s sketch comedy that takes on a touch of the bizarre, populated by a cast of oddballs.  To give you a rundown of the sketches would be to draw away some of the delight, but rest assured that every single moment of this show is a slightly weird pleasure to experience.  The material is dark yet funny and there are lovely little nuances in the performance which are a sign of just how carefully this show has been crafted.  Hoult in particular has a wonderful way of playing with the audience, involving them and toying with them but never scaring them into silence.

This show is unlike anything I’ve seen on the Fringe before and for that I thank Hoult, Poor Lottie, Gustav and Black Jack.  He may be an Enemy of the World, but Colin Hoult is now undoubtedly a favourite of mine.

Reviewed by Di

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Upstairs



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