Craig Hill – Why Don’t You Come Down the Front


4 Star

We at one4review have been keen followers of Craig Hill for years now, but such is his popularity in our team this was the first time I had managed to see his Fringe show during the Fringe, normally having to wait till he takes it on tour afterwards.

Camp as anything, sporting a shocking pink kilt, Hill hit the stage at the packed to the rafters Gilded Balloon Night Club space to an ovation that would lift the roof off.  He strutted, posed and pranced through the intro music before launching into his set. I say set, I wonder how much of the written show we did get as he is  master of  riffing with the audience, chatting, ribbing, slagging them, full of comment in respect to local places and people.

As usual my home county of Fife can in for a battering, all in jest, well I hope it was, but who can really take offence at this cheeky chappy?

We do eventually get some stories from him, iPhone apps, Burns Night in Kuala Lumpa, South Africa trip, promotional trip to New York are just a few of the topics he draws of to help provide even more laugh out load moments.

His show is always a popular ticket with locals and visitors alike, and it was good to see the show in it’s intended place. Make sure you don’t miss out.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Night Club V 14

5 to 30 August

20-15 to 21-15


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