Stephen K Amos : The Best Medicine


4 Star

I don’t think ther has been a year since he started attending the Fringe that one4review has not covered Stephen K Amos’s annual Edinburgh show and this year is certainly no exception.

His statue and profile has risen greatly since the early days, so much so that he is selling out the massive Pleasance Grand nightly and there is a TV in the offing to boot.

As always with Amos there is quality comedy on offer and the man is a natural comic. He has the knack of picking out the posh kid on the front row and keeps going back to him throughout the show.

Amos has a 1982 diary that was recently unearthed and reads extracts from this, expanding on some entries to give an insite to his young life, all to great effect. Although his humour is non-abrasive, don’t think he can’t cope with any heckler as one idiot thought then rapidly found out otherwise.

Other than back in time his tour in 2009 and incidents at the BBC were also a source of fun.

The performance as always was polished, professional and good value for money as always and it was gratifying to see him on top form yet again. And as with all of his recent gigs, don’t leave early, there is always a finale with a difference.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Grand V 33

4 to 29 August

21-40 to 22-40

Fringe Brochure P 126


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