The Dave Hill Explosion


2 stars

Truth be told I found the format of Hill’s show a little odd.  It was half performance, half chat show, and I’m not sure either worked fully.  Hill’s delivery is deadpan, and he certainly isn’t afraid to use silence to comedic effect whilst he performed his routines.  Sometimes this worked devastatingly well.  Sometimes it didn’t.

Hill was joined on this night by Des Bishop for the chat show section of his act.  Whilst this was interesting to watch it certainly wasn’t the most humorous of exchanges I’ve seen.  It felt like Hill and Bishop knew perfectly well what they were talking about but there were a couple of moments along the way where they lost the audience, either by making in-jokes or not fully filling us in on the context in which they were discussing something.

Hill is definitely a unique performer, but one that’s just not entirely to my taste.

Reviewed by Di

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Upstairs



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