No Child

5 Stars


Nilaja Sun’s performance in her own play, directed by Hal Brooks, definitely has that wow factor. She gives a master class in the art of solo performance theatre. Flawless timing and precise, demanding physical movement lead to a riveting stage presence.

Her story, set in a tough high school in the Bronx, is a reflection of that community’s day to day life with its humour, conflict and sadness. It follows the fortunes of a temporary teacher tasked with staging a play to be performed by the school’s most difficult class; thus, a play within a play. She performs the widest range of character, male/female, from the young to the old. Her changes of character are achieved instantaneously. Giving the story coherence is her witty portrayal of the elderly janitor who has been working in the school for decades. He acts as narrator forming the link between the scenes.

The fulsome applause she received from the audience at the end is testament to a heart warming experience.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number                  Assembly @ George Street; V3

Dates                                                  5 to 30 August 2010 (not 9, 23)

Times                                                 14.20 to 15.25

Fringe Programme Page Number: 274


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