Floozy: CalArts Festival Theater



This newly written play by Ame Tofte, is set in the flat of Bista and opens with her and her man Kevion, I’m guessing at the characters name spelling as no programme was available, returning to the flat for sex, only to stumble on Veronica know as Vee sitting in the living room eating ice-cream. Vee is staying as a temporary measure due to a break up with her ex, Michael.

Add to the cocktail of intrigue the menacing Bard who is married, but also having a fling with Beista.

The plot compounds with Vee and Kevion getting it together, Bard, terrorising everyone, and Michael trying to check up on Vee.

This storyline is revealed in stages and is told in language that would not suit everyone with plenty of four-letter words and sexual references. Also the violence and bloodshed would not make this to everyone’s taste either.

However, the piece is well written, with a few unexpected twists, well staged and directed and some good character acting delivered by the cast of Joss Glennie-Smith, Evan Hyde, Cady Zuckerman, Michael Pignatelli and Alejandra Bursik-Cervantes.


Reviewed by Geoff

Venue Thirteen V 13

7 to 21 August

Times Vary

Fringe Brochure P252


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