Holly Burn – Living and Dying


3 Stars

I occasionally find it very hard to get to grips with the style of Holly Burn. She is a very likeable, undoubtedly talented and funny young lady who has made her name doing female character comedy.

I have seen her last two shows and last years, Holly’s House was a spectacular success both from a critical point of view and from a pure enjoyment perspective.

More traditionally staged this year, Ms Burn plays out her hour with a delightful mish-mash of really funny, occasionally abstract, even surreal at times material with recurring characters and situations. Occasionally she seems to have little structure to the show, but in fact does have, at least in her mind.

Never scared to do things differently she fully integrates with the audience, with some perhaps more than they may want and occasionally there are looks of consternation and bewilderment greeting her, but generally laughter is not in short supply.

So why not give her a chance. There is plenty mundane stuff out there and that is never an accusation one could level at Holly. She is wacky, you’ll either love her, loathe her, which I doubt, but you certainly shouldn’t ignore her.


Reviewed by Geoff

Just the Tonic at The Caves V 88

5 to 29 August

15-35 to 16-25

Fringe Brochure P 70


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