Lesbian Bathhouse


3 Stars

The premise of this play by Helen Eisenbach it seems is that it is the audition stage for a sexual play directed by Ron Lascelle, who is never seen, but thinks himself a lesbian!!

Actresses come into audition for the roles, and there is underlying tension in the fact that Grace, a rather straight laced actor is joined in the process by a former lover who is less than keen for her to be there.

All seven actors Mia Austen, Daisy Burns, Michelle Calvert, Alana Hood, Freya Parker, Amelia Saberwal and Nicola Stuart-Hill all have short scenes depicting tongue in cheek representations of classic scenarios such a pizza delivery person, repair person etc where the girls get to behave badly.

This was a short snappy production that flowed from tableau to tableau with little delay, however it really didn’t capture my imagination. I’m afraid.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Edinburgh Suite V 3

5 to 29 August

22-40 to 23-40

Fringe Brochure P88


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