Vladimir McTavish in Whisky: An Idiot’s Guide


4 Stars

Vladimir McTavish is a well known on the comedy circuit as a performer who always delivers. I have seen him a number of times over the years both as a compere or doing the longer 20 minutes slots and have never been less than impressed. Due to circumstances out with my control I hadn’t seen his previous Fringe hours, so set that right this year with his 2010 offering.

McTavish is a born raconteur and not adverse to a tipple or two of the amber nectar himself, so it was a logical subject choice for him, and one her was prepared to go to great lengths to research. It was necessary to visit at least some of the distilleries even if not all 118.

The show has a good blend of facts on the distilling process, one nominated drinker has the job of tasting the product, tough job, but this is no lecture. The show is a blend of facts, slides and of course funny stories, observations and anecdotes drawn from his and his families lives, a concoction that went down very well with the pretty full Sunday night crowd. I certainly learned a lot about the whisky process, some historical facts that seemed amazing, but above all it reinforced my opinion that ‘oor Vlad’ is a comedian I enjoy listening to.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV Venue 12

6 to 29 August

18-50 to 19-50

Fringe Brochure P 139


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