Caledonian Folk and Blues at the Guilford


4 Stars

One of the longest running institutions at the Fringe is the Caledonian Folk and Blues at the Guilford Pub, an establishment famed throughout the year for a wide selection of quality food and an even wider selection of beer.

Throw into the mix local folk band Yard of Ale with guest basis Val, and a selection of visiting bands as well, and there is no admission fee either. Win, Win, Win!!!

Alistair McDougald, Peter Gillan and Colin Mackenzie are the trio of folkies that play every night of their run and they always produce a quality evening of music with their selection of Scottish, Irish, English and American folk music, together with a few C&W numbers and even a 50’s classic or two.

Yard of Ale do the first hour, and a selection of visiting performers play a middle set, before the Yardies finish off proceedings.

The packed out pub were thoroughly enjoying themselves with even a queue forming outside periodically were a testament to the popularity of this Fringe gig, and with 2010 event heading towards a conclusion let’s start looking forward to 2011.


Reviewed by Geoff

Guilford Arms V 107

19 to 28 August

20-00 to 24-00

Fringe Brochure P178


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