Danny Bhoy – By Royal Disappointment

Was it really ten years ago that I first saw Danny Bhoy? It doesn’t seem that long ago, but history tells me that it was. He was then an up-and-coming comic performing at the Fringe as compere of The Comedy Zone. He excelled as the compere on that night and has never failed to entertain with style on the dozen or so times I have seen him over the past decade.

As always a widely touring comic, Bhoy played Dunfermline’s prestigious Alhambra Theatre as part of the British leg of his latest tour and around five hundred punters turned up to see this very personable Scottish comic.

Unassuming, he ambles onto stage and launches into his show, one that sold out virtually every night for 26 dates in the recent Edinburgh Fringe, with over a thousand seats going each night, and gradually the pace and the laughter built throughout his 90 minutes.

Danny is not a comedian who tells jokes, he is more a chap who tells funny stories, mostly things that have occurred in his life. He is engaging and empathetic most of the time, not in anyway confrontational. Yes he talks to his audience, of course he does, but his style is friendly,

I think it would be fair to say that the content of his set has no underlying message, his stuff is just funny, his delivers it with charm, something that he has in bucket loads and often he is the butt of his own stories, with occasionally a cringworthy, embarrassing conclusion. But doesn’t that make him even more likeable? Certainly for me it does.

As mentioned this was part of his on going tour the further dates can be found at www.dannybhoy.com and for future gigs at The Alhambra check out www.alhambradunfermline.com

Reviewed by Geoff


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  1. After seeing him 3 times in a matter of 3 weeks in Perth Western Australia and Melbourne…..I would have to agree…..I am now obsessed with this man! Not sure if Im just hard to please but I dont really find most comedians funny…they generally tend to be too rude for my liking while others plainly bore me. Danny’s sense of humour is clever, smart, sharp, sarcastic…while delivering this all in a charming and very entertaining manner! Please can I have some more???????????

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