4 Stars

This was a delightful treat to watch, wasn’t sure who got more from this, the parents or the children! The loveable stories were told in a clear, enjoyable fashion, with oppurtunities to join in and sing, making this a great experience for the little ones and a truly nostalgic one for the grown-ups!

There were only two actresses on the stage, making this quite an intimate experience but this was soon forgotten once the familiar characters and sounds made an appearance, even Professor Yaffle was there along with the Mice and Madeline, pulling you into the stories as they went.

This is listed in the childrens section of the Fringe Guide but there is as much to entertain the adults and their child within as there is to delight and enthrall the youngsters and their imaginations.

Reviewed by Kath

Assembly George Square

August 3-28th

12.00 (55 mins)

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