Seymour Mace – Happypotamus

3 Stars ***

Seymour Mace is a comic I have previously described as a genial Geordie and previous shows I have seen him do will testify to.

His show this year entitled Happypotamus led me to believe that this would be similar. But then we all know how misleading show titles can be right?
This is not so much a story of being happy, more an hour long insight to the trials and tribulations that this appealing man has undergone in the year, in fact since Fringe 2010.

The show is far darker than his normal fare, but the underlying humour and the undoubted talent of the man makes sure that the reasonably sized afternoon crowd were well entertained throughout.

His willingness to lay his emotions and state of mind open are admirable. I suppose could be seen as a form of therapy, and if it helps then great, I admire his honesty, but I admire more his ability to make the hour seem to pass rather too quickly.

There is still a lot of the old Mace in there, as the ending proves, and that is good to see too.  

So for a great way to start of the Fringe afternoon, then why not check him out.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand II V5

5 – 28 August (not 15)

14-20- 15-20

Fringe Brochure P 149


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